Lightning Palm Tree Diecut Sticker Pack


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New for this season. The Spring Break Ligtning Palm Tree will cure any tropical depression you might be experiencing. Based on the base graphic from the 2017/18 Slush Slasher. 


 9 inches tall x 4.5 inches wide


Sticker Pack comes with:

1 x Matte Black Lightning Palm Tree

1 x Matte White Lightning Palm Tree

1 x Pink Lightning Palm Tree

1 x Teal Lightning Palm Tree


This sticker pack saves you a dollar per sticker, or four dollars if you wanted to buy all 4 stickers seperately. 

All diecuts are made from very durable and weather resistant vinyl by our friends at

The Lightining Palm Tree diecuts are perfect for your snowboard, car, computer and much more.

All stickers are shipped USPS. 

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